10 things I learnt from beauty therapist Amy Erbacher

If you're skin - you're canvas - isn't well looked after, then your makeup won't glide on and look as best as it can be.

Your skin is your body's biggest organ and skin health and wellness expert Amy Erbacher reminded me of this at the skincare masterclass she hosted at the Canberra Centre.

Amy is not about a one size fits all skin care model, all about treating the individual and her clients have included Delta Goodrem (we all know what her skin is like), Jennifer Hawkins (hello flawless skin) and Miranda Kerr (no words needed).

Here's what else I learnt to make sure my skin can look sensational now and forever!!

1. Skin can change from external factors such as pollution and the weather and internal factors such as stress, the time of the month and medication you're taking, so don't follow a skincare trend because it might not be right for you

2. Know your current skin condition and get a professional who has been trained to figure out what it is. They best know how to treat your skin.

3. Stick to products for at least 3 months so you can see the benefit of them and if there is none, move on.

4. Cleanse twice at night to remove everything from the day.

5. Use a serum. It's the product that will treat your skin and what will change your skin. There are a lot of serums around so pick one with the right ingredients for your skin needs.

6. Use eye cream after your serum, gently pressing along the eye socket bone and above the eyelid because that can sag too down the track.

7. A moisturiser should be your last step to seal everything in (aside from sunscreen in the morning). 

8. If you have oily skin, you can use actually an oil to remove it because like attracts like.

9. Use no more than three different brands in your skincare routine because each will have its own philosophy and ingredients, designed to work together for best results.

10. Match your foundation to your decolletage not your neck because your jaw casts a shadow on your neck. 

When it comes to makeup, Amy keeps it simple and chooses a sheer tint and concealer, bronzer on the cheeks and eyelids, gel on the brows, mascara and a pop of lipstick. Then you're ready to go for the day.