13 things a celebrity makeup artist does that we should know about

Chantelle Baker is the makeup artist to the stars, having expertly painted the faces of Rita Ora and Jessica Gomes, Rebecca Judd and Elyse Knowles. She's even glammed up Gigi Hadid and Boy George!

She can do a smoky eye, a bold lip and boy does she make a face glow!

So obviously I was super excited to head along to hear her spill her secrets.

The makeup masterclass was held at The Canberra Centre as part of the first birthday celebrations for the beauty precinct.

Chantelle discussed everything from skincare to makeup brushes, her favourite colours and products.

Here are some of the tips the amazingly talented and in demand woman herself shared.

1. It always helps when you have a good base to work with so prep the skin using a Vitamin C serum (brightens) and primer. She loves Chantecaille serum and Smashbox primer.

2. Face masks are good for combatting dryness before you apply your makeup.

3. Nars sheer glow foundation is one of her favourite foundations because it's buildable and works for people with dry or oily skin.

4. Buy 2 foundation colours - one for Summer (2 shades darker) and one for Winter (lighter) so your colour is catered for during both seasons. Then custom mix your foundation.

5. Dabbing the face with a foundation brush adds more coverage while strokes blends more.

6. Add illuminator to foundation for a Summery, glowing finish. You can read about what happened when I added illuminator to my foundation here.

7. For the eyes, use cream based products that set, using your finger to apply it all over the eyelid. Be quick because they dry quickly. Then use eyeshadows on top.

8. Chantelle prefers working with more neutral colours like brown, bronze and rust that bring out the tones of the skin.

9. Invest in a good eyeshadow blending brush because it makes eye makeup look better and always blend from the eyelid to the crease.

10. Apply concealer after your eye makeup because it cleans up any mess you made. Chantelle loves Nars and Hourglass concealers.

11. Blush frames the face so don't be afraid to layer different colours. Then use a clean brush to blend it all together.

12. Use a brow gel, then go for a pencil that creates a sharper edge.

13. Glossy lips are coming back. Overdraw with your lip liner to create a natural, fuller lip.