Summer makeup done differently

Fresh faced, glowing skin, looking like you put in minimal effort – that’s the usual Summer makeup look but what if we flipped that around.

Add some colour, be bold and brilliant and take the Summer trends to a whole new level.

While these looks might not be your everyday go to, they’re a bit of fun and why not bust out the colour and fun as the holidays come closer.

Here are some of the Summer trends we’ll be seeing as the weather continues to heat up.

Sunset eyeshadow

Adding a splash of colour screams bright and summery. These colours are very on trend right now as well as peach tones and you can make your eyeshadow as light or dark as you like.

Use a cream eyeshadow for even more pop and you can add a little extra shadow under the eyes for a little more bang.

No nanna lips here

When I say orange and pink lipstick I am not channelling the grandma corals. There are so many subtle shades of orange and pink and then the ones that scream look over here at this pretty pout. The choice is yours.

There’s also nothing wrong with your trusty red which really is an all year round staple. Surprisingly, there are a few vamp looking shades out there too which are a bold pick and if you’re up for it, why not.

Glitter ball

Just because we’re not 6 anymore, doesn’t mean we can’t embrace the unicorn trend and glitter is a major part of that.

Summer holidays are coming so bust out the glitter for a day on the beach or an afternoon at the bar with friends. Add a little bit to the inner corner of the eyes for something subtle, go full glam all over the lids or replace your black eyeliner with some sparkles.

If you’re feeling daring, why not pucker up and put some on your lips to show you mean serious unicorn business.

Eyeliner envy

Make it bold and thicken up that line on your eyelid. Keep it going and wing it if you have the talent and a steady hand. I recommend using a nude eyeshadow and lipstick or gloss to keep the focus where it should be.

Your eyeliner of choice doesn’t have to be black though. Navy, eggplant or dark purple, a brighter blue or even grey are all exceptional alternatives. As I mentioned, you can go for glitter instead of the liner or do both!

Bronzed babe

If you’re after something a little more understated, I can never go past using bronzer as your bronzer and eyeshadow. It seamlessly creates a uniform, beautiful glow and gives that sun kissed look which we all crave.

Add a little highlighter on the high points of the cheeks if you want to take that glow a step further and catch the light.

If you’re going from the beach to the bar, you can always apply a bold lipstick if the moment calls for it, otherwise a nude will keep the bronze theme going.