Enter the Wellness Wonderland

It's not hard to be inspired by the talented and uber stylish Bianca Cheah.

Her love of yoga and all things healthy led her to launch the one stop wellness destination sporteluxe.com.

Bianca says her blog is all about fusing fitness, fashion, health and wellness.

“I want to help people be the best versions of themselves,” she says.

“I am passionate about health and wellbeing and everything I do reverts back to a wellness angle.

“I don’t know anything but how to live a good and healthy life.”

Bianca is the face of her brand, the managing director of sportluxe.com, a model, yoga instructor and is expanding her empire with a move to the LA market.

To stay balanced, focused and relaxed, she does yoga several times a week.

“If I wasn’t doing my yoga, I’d be a ball of stress,” she says.

“After yoga, all the creative ideas start flowing.

“It’s my moving meditation and helps be become mindful.”

Bianca says her fashion sense is effortless and simple with maxi dresses, leather jackets, sneakers and lace some of her favourites.

“I’m all about comfort,” she says.

“I love things that are off the shoulder. It’s very feminine and flattering.

“It’s very acceptable these days to tee one piece of active wear with what you’re wearing for the day which was not so acceptable 10 years ago.”

As for her chosen active wear Bianca admits to being fussy with what she wears to work out.

“I have to have products that move with my body and make me feel comfy,” she says.

“I tend to steer clear of printed leggings because they make me look bigger down the bottom than I am.”

Bianca's wardrobe staples:

  1. A pair of yoga tights

  2. A really good sports bra

  3. White sneakers

When it comes to beauty, that’s kept low key.

Bianca cleanses and moisturises day and night, exfoliating three times a week. Her skin saviour is rose hip oil that she mixes with her moisturisers.

We all know from active wear to diets, exercise and nutrition, the health industry has boomed and become a little complicated.

Bianca likes to keep it simple with a daily green juice, green tea and water and of course yoga.

“It’s like my mum. It makes me see the good in every situation.”

Pics: Instagram @biancamaycheah