The revolutionary fake eyelashes

Applying fake eyelashes takes precision and practice to get them lined up and looking good.

It's not for everyone but there's something special about glamorous and full eyelashes that sometimes a mascara just cannot offer.

That's where these new magnetic eyelashes come in called One Two Lash.

They're the brainchild of Katy Stoka who in 2014, after 10 years working in real estate, created One Two Cosmetics with one goal in mind - to make beauty effortless.

The magnetic eyelashes, made of synthetic fibres, are the first product Katy created.

"For years I was constantly looking for a simple way to get great lashes," she says.

"I never found it. It was always so hard and time consuming.

"So one day, yes this is a shower story, I was in the shower and it came to me."


There's no need for glue, no mess and no drying time. You can also use them over and over again and they come in 4 different styles - original, bold, accent and fillers.

Here's how it works: The lashes are fitted with magnetic strips and attach together above and below your top lashes. 

You need both hands to apply them. The ones with the red dot go on the bottom.

For the bottom ones, hold the lashes with the opposite hand to the eye on the far edge of the lashes.

For the top ones, grip the end of the lashes with your other hand also on the edge of the eye and bring the two sets together.

To remove, don't pull on the eye but press the magnets together and dislodge.

This all sounds a bit complicated I know so here are videos Katy put together to show you how it's done.

Sounds like something definitely worth trying.