My verdict: J Bronze dark tanning cream

Summer is here and my desire for a bit of extra colour goes up a few notches.

After using a gradual tanner for a while, I felt I needed something more instant so branched out and went for something new - the J Bronze dark tanning cream.

I love Jennifer Hawkins so the decision to test out her range was what got me over the line. The packaging is beautiful but when you squeeze out the cream it's green and that freaked me out.

It obviously doesn't dry green but needs to be a colour so you know it's all rubbed in.

The tanning cream wasn't greasy and went on really well. I was very careful to rub it in, wash my hands thoroughly and then wait between 5 and 7 minutes for it to dry, before I got dressed. 

The first time I used it I left it on for about 6 hours before washing it off and went for another coat the next day, leaving it on for a couple of hours. There were no streaks and I ended up with a gorgeous, natural, golden glow that steadily faded after about 4 - 5 days.

I tend to be a very good pre tanner if I do say so myself, exfoliating before application because I don't want streaks or an uneven tan. Exfoliating is recommended to smooth the skin because the lotion will attract to dry spots, making for a patchy, blotchy tan. Make sure you keep up with normal body moisturising after you've tanned.

The dark tanning cream contains shea butter, coconut and argan oils and cranberry extracts that are moisturising. These are really important ingredients because fake tans work best on hydrated skin.

To be honest the cream doesn't smell great so don't plan a hot date after using it. Having said that, not many fake tans smell good. 

The J Bronze range has other products including mousses, sprays and a face tan and I would try them as well. I'd also buy the dark tanning cream again.