Do you wear the right eyeshadow for your eye colour?

It's definitely not a one size fits all model where you go smoky for a night out and opt for soft browns or pinks during the day. Depending on your eye colour there are eye shadows that will make your eyes sparkle and ones you should avoid altogether.

It's not about what's on trend but what works for you all the time. 

That is unless you have brown eyes because those ladies are the lucky ones where almost everything looks amazing! 

Blue eyes: Golden browns, plum or apricot will accentuate the blue, whereas smoky, dark colours do the opposite. Neutral is best. 

Green eyes: Keep it low key with brown or a dark gold with a hint of a shimmer and brown eyeliner. Deep purple will work nicely if you want something to stand out. 

Grey eyes: This is a really rare colour. Opt for a light grey, silvery blue, charcoal or black which will accentuate your colour. For something different to those shades of grey, go for plum. Pink is not ideal.

Hazel eyes: Subtle green shades, gold or a dusty pink will bring out the light brown in your eye, whereas anything dark and smoky will detract from the green in your eye. 

Brown eyes: Almost anything suits but your best option is copper, gold, terracotta or light brown. For something a little more bold go for a dark peach.

Dark brown eyes: Because they are so dark, a lighter colour is a good contrast such as bronze, gold, light brown or even plum. Add a bit of gold on the inner corner if you go smoky or for a dark eyeshadow.