Why I changed my beauty routine

I'm outing myself. I didn't wear enough sunscreen, happy to think what was in my foundation and moisturiser was enough. It wasn't.

Since that day I've overhauled my beauty routine. I've replaced my moisturising cream with essence, I add a layer of SPF 50 sunscreen on top and finish it off with eye cream. It's a process but my 90 year old self will thank me.

I'm using and loving Chantecaille vital essence. It's a moisturising face and eye serum, that's anti-ageing and can be used day and night, alone or underneath another moisturiser.

It absorbs fast and leaves skin feeling like there's nothing on it.

There are plenty of other essences out there that for example focus on reducing redness so you'll find one that's right for you.

My new sunscreen is Mecca SPF 50 superscreen - the recommendation coming from Gritty Pretty beauty editor Eleanor Pendleton.

The sun hits your face even through a window, causing sunspots and hastening the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Sunscreen protects your face against UVA and UVB rays. The superscreen is hydrating, non-oily and contains Vitamin E.

My eye cream hasn't changed (for a while now) because I'm loving the Estee Lauder resilience lift firming/sculpting eye cream. It's quite thick but goes on nicely. Always apply products under your eye with your ring finger because it has the least amount of muscle so you can't press as hard.

It takes about a month to notice any difference when you try new products - that's how long your skin cells take to go through a full cycle.

If you have sensitive skin speak to a dermatologist or skin specialist before giving something new a go.