Why makeup is so important to a woman

Less is more according to makeup artist Jessica Peris.

She was always called on by her friends to do their makeup and turned that passion into a profession. 

Jess says makeup has a different value to each person, but one thing is a certainty.

"It can be an important aspect of boosting confidence and something simple like enhancing facial features. Makeup can be a great pick me up.

"If you feel comfortable, it will show."

As for her makeup tips - less is more is Jess' number 1 rule. Here are some of her others.

  • Don't fall for trends
  • Cakey makeup is never a good look
  • Some bronzer on your cheeks, neat and not OTT eyebrows and mascara is sometimes all you need
  • If something isn't working, don't fixate - step away and go to the next step, coming back to it later
  • Check your makeup in different lighting - that heat lamp in the bathroom can sometimes be the devil

We've moved from Summer to Autumn so when seasons change, so do the trends.

"The burgundy and brown tones will be back for this Autumn, coupled with dewy highlights and a soft contour."

For more beauty inside information, check out jessicaperis.com.