Why shellac ruins your nails

There's a whole lot of debate around Shellac and whether it damages your nails. I have been part of that debate and found my nails a little weaker after it came off. That's because it wasn't taken off properly.

If you peel off shellac, with the nail polish comes a layer of nail which is why they become soft.

I went to one of those salons you see everywhere and they used that electric nail buffer to take off the polish. That's not good either.

Gel polish gets hard under lights and fuses to your nail bed. This is why it won't come off like a normal polish. It needs to be soaked off. Leave your nails in a bowl of acetone for a few minutes or soak cotton wool in acetone and wrap it around your nail using foil. Leave it on for a while and then scrape it off when it softens. You can buff off the rest to smooth the nail surface.

If you follow these steps and only use shellac if your nails are strong, you shouldn't have any more soft nail issues.

Main pic: Hollywood nails