Why we should bow down to the new lipstick Queen in town

Sick of not being able to find the perfect shade of lipstick, Jo French did what most of us wouldn't - she decided to take on the big brands and start her own line of lipsticks - Shanghai Suzy.

"There was a gap in the market for affordable, fashion focused lipsticks with great colours, packaging and quality," she says.

"All our colours are seasonal and limited edition so we're a bit different in terms of cosmetic brands.

"Our lipsticks are vegan, cruelty free, they smell amazing, are salon quality but at a pharmacy price point."

Three years after starting the company, the lippies can be found in over 600 stores, but Jo isn't nearly ready to rest.

"We've just released out AW16 collection which is called 'Romance and Strawberry Kisses' and is all about super feminine, romantic shades - pinks, nudes and purples," she says.

"We're also working on our range for next Spring and Summer. It will be called 'Cocktails at Sunset' and it's all about the beautiful reds, pinks, oranges, golds and corals in a dramatic sunset.

"We're also working on our first permanent range of essential colours that we can't live without, an ongoing range that is trans-seasonal so that's a big step for us."

As for what colours we should be wearing as the weather cools ...

"We're looking at beautiful nudes, pinks and purples," Jo says.

"For the bolder typical winter dark lip, I see a move away from traditional reds and over to deep dramatic plums and vibrant berry hues."

Visit shanghaisuzy.com to find out where to get your hands on these lipsticks and keep scrolling to get tips for applying lippie like a pro.

Jo's tips for applying lipstick like a pro

  1. Exfoliate gently, rubbing a wet face cloth across your lips a few times (essential when wearing a matte lipstick because it's not forgiving on dry, cracked or flaky lips)

  2. Dry your lips and add a lip balm if they're prone to dryness

  3. Apply makeup, leaving the lipstick for last

  4. Remove the lip balm so lips are clean and product free

  5. Apply 3 thick layers of lipstick to ensure flawless coverage. I don't use a lip brush or lip liner which is a personal choice

  6. Blot your lips with a clean tissue to prevent lipstick getting on to your teeth

  7. Seal the lipstick with one final layer

  8. When touching up or reapplying, I prefer to completely remove old lip product using baby wipes and starting afresh, resulting in a smoother finish