Why we should strobe

Contouring is taking a back seat to strobing. The latest make up trend is about illuminating parts of the face using a lighter foundation or preferably a highlighting concealer to give your skin a natural looking glow.

Here are the simple steps to brighten your face as the weather gets warmer.

1. Make a small invisible upside down triangle under each eye - diagonally down the side of the nose and back up the top of the cheekbone. That's where you apply the highlighter.

2. Do the same to a small section on the middle of your forehead, on the brow bone and chin.

3. Apply your regular foundation and then blend it all together - this is where a foundation brush will come in handy.

4. Then continue on with the rest of your make up. Go easy on the blush as too much will take away from the illuminating look you're aiming for.

Cover pic: InStyle

Pic: Pinterest

Pic: Pinterest