Why wear eyelash extensions

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One luxury beauty product - so many benefits.

"Eyelash extensions, due to their intense black colour will enhance the shape of your eyes as well as giving the appearance of eye colour being more vibrant, according to eyelash expert Helenna Stone.

She says just by adding some lashes, ladies feel confident without the need for makeup. In fact, eyelash extensions remove the need for mascara and curling all together.

"Lashes are longer and fuller than your own. Wake up feeling glamorous and it saves time in the morning," Helenna says.

Here's how they work. Most lashes are silk or mink and come in different lengths, curls and thickness. One synthetic lash is applied to one natural lash. For a more dramatic look, you can have multiple fake lashes applied to your natural lash.

They last a few weeks and need to be carefully maintained.

"They will look full and beautiful as long as 2 to 3 weekly infill appointments are kept up to replace the ones that have fallen out with your natural lash cycle, or ones that have been lost for various reasons," Helenna says.

Before you consider investing in lashes, here are a few things to remember: 

Don't use an eyelash curler as it'll shorten the life of your fake lashes, don't perm them because they'll melt, try not get them wet for the first 12 hours to let the special adhesive dry, reconsider getting lashes if you have hay fever or need medicated eyedrops and if you have fair lashes, tint them before getting your extensions.

Pic: Lash blossoms

Pic: Eyelash extensions Canberra

Pic: Eyelash extensions Canberra