Why you must listen to the brow bosses

We've seen the thin brows and the bushy ones, but according to brow experts, it's all about what's natural.

Sianne (left) and Tegan (right) have opened Brow Lab in Canberra. For around 40 minutes I was brow-ducated. These ladies don't believe in eyebrow trends, just a natural looking brow all year round.

"Your eyebrows shape and dictate the landscape of your entire face, not to mention are the simplest way to maintain your natural beauty," Sianne says.

My eyebrows are a little thin so I sat with Tegan and we now have a plan to thicken the arches of my brows. I am committed to the plan and will stick to these rules.

"Leave your brows completely alone. No tweezing and leave it up to us to keep tidy every 4 to 6 weeks depending on your growth cycle," says Tegan.

The ladies also recommend adding a little castor oil to the brow region which is great for thickening and regrowing hair.

To cover unwanted strays between appointments, there are some brow pencils out there to help fill in where necessary ... but "brow products should only be there to enhance your natural brows, not to cover your entire brow or over filling your brows," according to Sianne.

I got advice, a bit of colour to the brows, a simple plan, a good time and I felt great afterwards - perfect!