Why you must use hand cream in Winter

Winter is hard on our hands. There's a lack of moisture in the air because it's not humid, plus the heater is probably on, also drying out our hands.

It's not a good feel or look and the only real answer is to moisturise and do it often, especially after washing your hands. Before bed is also a great time to do it. Here are my favourite hand creams - in no particular order.

L'Occitane rose hand and nail cream smells beautiful and has a velvety feel when applying it to your skin. There's something soothing about rose so put this one on as a treat before bed. It contains shea butter and vitamin E and helps strengthen nails as well as soften skin.

Clarins hand and nail treatment cream contains sesame oil, shea butter and Japanese mulberry to moisturise, revitalise and protect your hands. It goes on smoothly working to minimise the signs of ageing, strengthen nails and soften cuticles.

Bio oil is not often thought of as a hand lotion but it says right there on the box, it's ingredients, including vitamins A and E, herbal extracts and PurCellin oil, work to combat dry skin. Being an oil it absorbs deep into the skin to regenerate it.

Lush helping hands hand cream is made from almond oil, cocoa butter and chamomile. It also contains African marigold oil that does wonders for sore, broken skin. This product was actually invented to help nurses who overwashed their hands so if this sounds familiar, this cream is for you.

Nivea intensive nourishing hand cream is quickly absorbed and contains co-enzyme A and panthenol to encourage cell regeneration. It's made with soothing aloe vera and has UV filters helping protect hands from the sun.

Eulactol hand balm is your last resort, super strength cream. It's thick and doesn't smell great but contains moisture surge ingredients like sandalwood, rosemary oils and vitamins A and E. If this doesn't work, wear gloves and wait for Summer.