Why you shouldn't use makeup wipes

1. The rubbing motion around the delicate eye area causes wrinkles and fine lines to appear.

2. Makeup wipes contain alcohol and other chemicals that can dry out the skin and need to be rinsed off.

3. They don't actually cleanse your skin and while they remove make up, leave oil and dirt behind, meaning you must wash your face after using them.

4. Most varieties of wipes aren't biodegradable so clog the drains if they're flushed down the toilet.

Here are your alternatives to makeup wipes - remember, be gentle:

  1. Get a cotton pad or face cloth, wet it with warm water and apply olive oil or coconut oil. You'll still need to cleanse your face.
  2. Use a traditional makeup remover or micellar water with a cotton pad.

If you love a makeup wipe and don't think you can get by without one, then invest in good ones. You'll know they're face friendly if the wipes contain soothing ingredients like chamomile and cucumber.

Consider using Josie Maran's bare naked wipes that are all natural and biodegradable or Burt's Bees with white tea or cucumber extracts.