My verdict: Banana Powder

I am a sucker for a new product and when I heard about Australis' banana powder I had to have it.

I will try anything that states it can help with my dark under eye pigmentation - my facial bugbear.

It is obviously a yellow powder and can be used as part of your contouring regime on your nose, forehead and chin or under your eyes to get rid of dark circles. This is where I use it and it does the job.

I have tried dozens of products and just a little bit, after I've put on my concealer and foundation, makes a big difference.

This product only comes in the one shade, reduces redness and will set your makeup for a matte finish. 

Now banana powder isn't a new innovation and there are some other options. Ben Nye does one and offers the powder in 4 shades but according to their website, they don't ship outside the US or Canada. Ofra has one and Sacha Cosmetics has their buttercup powder. They probably all do the same thing.

One final word from me - because it's yellow, don't overdo it, but do try it and tell me what you think.