Why you should consider a skin analysis

Do you really know what kind of skin you have?

You’d be surprised what’s really under there and that’s when the experts come in.

I went and had a skin analysis done at My Genesis in Canberra. It's the non-surgical arm of Canberra’s Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (CAPS) Clinic.

I’d never thought to get one done before because I have normal skin and luckily never suffered from acne or anything out of the ordinary.

But I decided it was time, considering I’d used the same products for a while and love finding out about new ones on the market.

I sat down with a dermal clinician, showed her everything I use on my skin from eye cream to serum and we chatted about the good and bad ingredients in those products, parts of my skin I am most concerned about (under eye pigmentation) and if I was allergic to anything.

Then my skin was cleansed and a wood lamp used to really assess my skin.

A wood lamp is a black light that shows up oil, bacteria, areas of dehydration, pigmented skin and white spots to name a few. This doesn’t show up under a normal light.

After the painless procedure, we chatted about what was seen under the light.

It turns out I have some dehydrated areas around my eyes and cheek bones.

A few non-invasive procedures were recommended for a hydration boost – a peel and LED phototherapy.

The peel is not actually peeling off any of my skin, just giving it a refresher and the phototherapy known as Healite II is about rejuvenation but also treats acne and superficial skin lesions.

As for my under eye pigmentation, there is now a plan in place to try reduce the darkness.

This consultation is $100 and while a list of products were written down, it was just a suggestion - that’s as far as the sales job went which for most of us is a relief.

For the record I bought a face wash and am considering the rest of the list as well as the procedures recommended, specifically the cleansing oil that takes off makeup without stripping moisture from the skin.

As you get older your skin changes so it is a good idea to reconsider what products you use. There are so many new and improved products that come on to the market every year, so it is worth considering whether your safe old facewash or moisturiser is still what you actually need.

Often a skin expert at a cosmetics counter might have some good advice and there are plenty of beauty bloggers around and posts written on products so you might just be able to find what you need online.

Having said that, a qualified dermal clinician has been trained to understand and spot a range of different skin types and what will best suit your skin, rather than just knowing the products they sell.

There is nothing to lose getting your skin assessed. You’ll probably learn something whether it’s about the actual skin type you have or the products you are using.