Beach waves how to

You've gotta love an easy hair do that looks like you spent hours getting it right. 

It also helps to save your hair from a day of extreme heat courtesy of the straightener or curling wand.

Beach waves is one of those looks and sea salt spray a must have to make this happen.

Here's how you do it.

Towel dry your hair - just dab it to get the excess water out. I actually use an old t-shirt rather than a towel as it's a little more gentle on our locks.

Separate small sections of hair and spray a little sea salt in your hands, twisting the hair as you apply.

Make a handful of buns and you can give it some hairdryer love or wait for it to dry naturally.

If you're short of time you can do a little scrunch instead of the twist, but this works better if you have a natural wave in your hair.

I often apply sea salt spray on dry hair - works too. 

The sea salt spray I use is Tresemme perfectly undone. It doesn't make my hair sticky or crunchy and does the job. It doesn't take long to dry so is perfect if you're after a quick fix.