My verdict: Beauty Blender

So this weird egg shaped makeup sponge is all the rage but what’s the fuss about? I decided I needed to have one to find out for myself.

Here’s how it works.

You wet it and squeeze out the excess water then dip it into your foundation and apply it. It’s best if you dab rather than rub as it provides better and more even coverage. You shouldn’t be rubbing your skin anyway.

The makeup sits on the surface of the sponge rather than being absorbed into it so there are less streaks.

To clean it you wet it under cold water, compress the blender onto and soap, working up a lather. Keep doing this and squeezing and rinsing until it's clean. Don't pinch or twist it because it'll get damaged.

Makeup pro Jessica Black loves it, calling it a miracle sponge.

“It applies makeup so smooth and evenly without leaving any streaks like brushes can sometimes do," she says.

“I believe the added moisture in the Beauty Blender once it is dampened really makes a difference with makeup settling into fine lines.”

Makeup artist Jessica Peris isn’t quite sold on it.

“Maybe I'm just old-school,” she says.

“For heavier looks I can definitely see where they would come in handy and work the makeup really well into the skin however I prefer to stick to my brushes."

I found it spread my makeup nicely and evenly, was easy to blend with and looked nice and natural. I haven’t used my foundation brush since I got the Beauty Blender.

You will find an egg shaped sponge in most stores these days and they're cheaper. The original Beauty Blender will set you back US$20.