Give your lips some lovin'

Gone are the days where we bust out the deliciously smelling lip smacker or strawberry chapstick.

They were my early teen staples - the one thing you'd always find in the only pocket of my seriously ugly school uniform.

Then I grew up and out of them and have since tried everything from glosses to plumpers, lipsticks, lip balms and lip liners.

Some products didn't agree with me because they contained too many preservatives, causing my lips to dry out and crack. Now as soon as something starts to make my lips feel dry, sore or just a little off, I stop using it.

If anything you use causes an irritation I'd resort to a vaseline or one of your tried and tested soothing and hydrating balms to get your lips back to normal.

What I always have with me is a plain moisturising lip balm you can buy from any chemist or supermarket. I use Carmex in a tube. I go for a tube because I don't like to dip my finger in a pot as it can transfer bacteria. Carmex is thick, long lasting and tasteless. Paw Paw ointment is also a good one and you can also use it as a hand cream.

Something to consider every now and then is exfoliating your lips. You can get a lip scrub or just add some sugar to your lip balm and gently rub it along. This will remove dead skin and promote the growth of new skin cells. Gently wipe it off with a cloth and apply your lip balm or a lip oil. 

Our lips need a little more love in Winter because they're usually dryer with less humidity in the air. Our lips don’t have any oil glands so need help with hydration. The best time to apply a nourishing lip balm is right before bed.

Now if you're in the market for a new lippie, here are my top 10.

1. Clarins instant light natural lip perfector has a sponge applicator, is light pink and leaves your lips feeling silky soft. It glides on effortlessly adding a beautiful bit of shine.

2. Stila lip glaze in black cherry is ultra glossy and gives you a subtle pop of colour that's long lasting. It's a wind up and you can decide how big a lip statement you want to make.

3. Maybelline Colour Elixir lip gloss has an angled brush and is the right amount of gloss in a pretty pink shade called blush essence. It feels amazing on your lips and has staying power too.

4. Nars red lizard lipstick is semi-matte, goes on smoothly, lasts and hydrates your lips. The deeper red is a staple colour and something to invest in.


5. Shanghai Suzy is a local Aussie lippie brand that is nourishing and each lipstick has the most amazing scent. Golden peach gives a warm touch of colour to the lips and is semi-matte.

6. Hourglass no28 lip treatment oil boosts hydration and improves the texture of your lips. It's perfect or when your lips feel a little worse for wear in Winter. This is perfect to use after a lip exfoliation too.

7. Mac lustre is one of their most popular products and the range on offer is so incredibly extensive. You'll even find limited edition shades from time to time. I love sweetie because it's just such a pretty colour and offers a semi-gloss finish making it perfect for a day out or at the office.

8. Revlon ultra-high definition lip lacquer is a thick consistency and you will make a statement, especially with carnelion. The burgundy colour is perfect for a night out and the brush applicator means it's easy to apply.

9. Lancome juicy shakers just make you want to smile. They're a lip oil offering great hydration with a pop of colour. Apri-cute is a fun and cool shade for when you want just a tinge of colour.

10. L'occitane tinted lip balm is high end and high quality. The rose nude is perfectly subtle and smells delicious. Perfect for a casual day out. There is a more potent red if you're after something with a little more punch.