Beauty products you never knew you needed

You never knew you needed them, probably because you never knew they existed.

There is a big wide world out there of beauty products from the latest in makeup removers being Micellar water and cleansing oils to serums, primers, foundations, blush, highlighters, eyeliner, mascara - so much to choose from and that doesn't even cover the surface of a makeup kit.

I'm a sucker for new beauty products and love when companies get creative and think outside the box. That’s what competition will do and we reap the rewards.

Check out some of these products and warning ... after reading about them you'll want them.

1. Bobbi Brown intensive skin serum foundation with SPF 25 has skincare and makeup benefits in one. It has skin tone correcting pigments and ingredients include bamboo grass and lychee. It boosts moisture and firms.

2. Napoleon boudoir mist spray foundation. We've had liquid, mousse, stick, cushion foundations and now this. It's an aerosol can and the formula evens out your skin tone and reduces those pesky fine lines for a flawless finish. You can spray as much or as little as you want to get your desired level of coverage.

3. Bourjois' air mat foundation is infused with air. That means it has a fluffy like texture and when applied will result in a smooth and airbrushed look, also helping to even out the skin tone.

4. Face of Australia 90 degree mascara has an angled brush so you will never miss a lash. You bend it to 90 degrees to apply from the roots to the tips and then bring it up to 45 degrees to get in and coat those outer lashes.


5. e.l.f cosmetics eyebrow stencils are reusable and come in different shapes. Big brows are in and while you’re growing yours out, what better way to get an au natural shape when filling them in than with one of these. It's like colouring in all over again.

6. While we're talking about brows, the Clinique just browsing brush on styling mousse is a gel mousse that tints and tames those unruly strays thanks to a silicone film. It's also water and sweat resistant. You should always brush your brows downwards to make them look their best before styling them up.

7. Model co self-tan back applicator. Gone are the days where you struggle to rub your tan across your back and end up with splotches all over because now there's a product to do it for you - seriously. Apply your tanning product of choice on the reusable velvet applicator and rub away.

8. You can say goodbye to having to throw out your pot of gel eyeliner before it's even nearly finished (you should get rid of it after 3 months because of bacteria), because there's Loreal's superliner gel matic. It's a mechanical pencil in a gel formula making it creamy, easy to apply, long lasting and hygienic.

Have you used any to these? Let me know what you think.