Beauty trend alert

Let's get glossy.

One for your eyes and the other for your lips are the latest beauty trends on offer and boy do they both make a statement.

Eye gloss

This is a 2 step process for full effect. Apply your eyeshadow, then the gloss - simple.

If you want to try before you buy, you can use a lip balm on top of your eyeshadow. Then if you love it, get yourself the eyelid gel.

Another option is to use a coloured lip gloss or, for something more understated, just go for a clear gloss on your eyelid.

Liquid lipstick

This comes full shine or you can go the matte option.

It's not exactly like a lip gloss even though you apply it with a wand and it comes in a tube. It contains lipstick pigment, is meant to be super long lasting and won't transfer. One coat is generally enough.

Some of them, especially the matte options, can be dry so apply a bit of lip balm underneath. If you have a glossy liquid lippie but feel like going matte for the night, blot it with a tissue.

There are so many brands doing the liquid lipstick thing and in plenty of colours so take your pick.