Spring makeup session

When the sun comes out it becomes all about a glamorous glow and that's what makeup will be all about in Spring.

Think really natural, dewy looking foundation that's illuminated and catches the light to give you that effortless sun kissed look.

When we think natural glow it's usually about the earthy tones with a bit of shimmer and shine. For your cheeks, you must carefully consider the colour you use.

If you have a lighter skin tone you should opt for a pale pink highlighter or rose coloured blush. For those with a darker complexion, think bronze and gold to shape the face and add some colour.

Eyeshadows are similar with golds and nudes ideal for Spring. When it comes to our lips, a bright pink will be a hit for a bold pop of colour to attract attention. We'll also be seeing golden peach and nudes and a lip gloss with bit of a shine will always work a treat.

The director of makeup for Canberra's premier fashion event Fashfest, Diana Cheetham says she's been studying the trends as the event draws closer.

She says highlighting the high points of the face and adding a gold bronze will bring the face to life.

As for the show that runs from September 29 to October 2, showcasing Canberra's local fashion designers, makeup artists and hair stylists, Diana says the makeup looks have been carefully planned out.

“Sometimes we use a harmonious approach and other times it's great to use a contrasting approach, for example if the designer’s collection is completely blue it can look fantastic to have makeup that is all warm orange tones, creating an opposites attract end result,” she says.

“We make sure we have a look that is good both close up and from afar.

“We try to add a theatrical approach to the show so, by adding popping features like bold lips or blocking out eyebrows it can help create focal points for all audience members to notice.”

One of the makeup features this year will be eyelashes. We all know a good coat of mascara is a must to make them look longer, bolder and thicker, definitely helping the eyes stand out.

With this idea in mind, Sydney based Harlotte Cosmetics – Fashfest’s major makeup sponsor - has created eyelashes just for occasion.

They're called Fashfest double lash and are two layers of lashes.

The head of Harlotte Cosmetics Michelle Crofts says the idea behind the lashes was to make them dramatic.

They'll be launched at Fashfest.

Now Diana has been acquainting herself with the Harlotte range for months so she’s picked her three favourite products that are Spring sensations. 

1. The afterglow foundation. This dewy light weight foundation makes the skin appear younger looking with a luminous glow about it. 

2. Ego Highlighter. This must have product is a golden beige finely milled dust that makes any makeup look shine. 

3. Liquid lips and Colour Glosses. These super pigmented lip products pack a punch when it comes to being noticed.