Pinterest's top beauty predictions for 2017

The hair and beauty category is one of the largest on Pinterest and what has been searched over 2016 has been collated to work out the predicted beauty trends for 2017.

Sorry matte nails and traditional polish, chrome is taking over with a huge 570% boost in searches in 2016. You won't need a mirror with these shiny nails, but you will need a special powder to get the desired effect.

You've gotta love a DIY facial and that's exactly what a charcoal mask is. No wonder there was a 333% rise in the number searching for it. It provides a deep clean and removes impurities. Leave it on for about 15 minutes and wash it off in the shower - simple and effective.

Staying on the face, brows have been big business in 2016, so much so that we'll be taking it up a notch with microblading. There was a 255% increase in interest. It's a semi-permanent way to improve the look of your brows from a complete reshape to filling in gaps. A microblading pen is used and it'll last about three years before starting to fade.

Also popular is ash balayage - dark roots, becoming ash blonde with silver ends. It's a different take on the traditional dark to light that saw a 240% boost in popularity on Pinterest.

I hope the cut crease will be the makeup look of 2017, like the winged eyeliner was in 2016. It had a 138% boost in searches. Here's how it works - apply your eyeshadow then apply a line using powder or a pencil across the crease of your eyelid. The final step is to blend it.

The top knot is expected to be taken one step further, with 125% more searches for the top knot braid - that's a hairstyle on a whole new level.

While we're on the topic of hair, searches for no heat styling were up 35%. There are so many tips and techniques to let your hair do it's natural thing, plus products like a sea salt spray to get those beach waves.

The natural, no makeup look is a trend we saw last year and that means more attention paid to skincare. 30% more people searched for jojoba oil that's non greasy, fast absorbing, penetrates deep into the skin, is packed with antioxidants and vitamins, making it an ideal moisturiser.

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