This is how you grow your hair

I'm getting married in four months and my desire (and need) to grow my hair has gone up several notches.

Hair is about 90% in the growth phase so it's important to be looking after it all the time. Don't worry if some of it's falling out because we lose between 50 and 100 strands a day and that's totally normal.

With the help of my hairdresser, I've managed to add on several inches over the last little while but now it's important to see how long I can really go.

I've been putting mayonnaise in my hair before I wash it because Blake Lively does and she says it prevents too much moisture being stripped from the ends. She has seriously amazing hair so that's a no brainer for me.

I do weekly intensive nourishing masks (usually leaving it in overnight), I get my hair trimmed every 8 weeks (so it doesn't split halfway up the strand and break off), don't wrap my hair in a towel after washing (it causes breakage so a t-shirt is better) and I use heat protectant sprays.

While all this has worked, I need more so here's what else I'm going to do.

Get myself a new satin pillow case. It is way better for your hair than a regular cotton one. I recommend it.

Replace my hair brushes. The right hair brush is crucial to hair maintenance. While you shouldn't over brush, sometimes it needs a good run through and if the brush is old and missing the tips, it's no good for you hair, causing damage. Hair brushes should be replaced regularly but there's no real rule as to when.

There can be a build up of product and dead hairs that mean your hair either isn't being brushed properly or is being covered in old product, all causing breakage. You should clean your brush once a week and remove the hair in it every time you use but, but I don't always (hardly ever) do that. 

Rinse my hair in cold water after I wash it. This will be a tough ask in Winter but lucky I'll be hitched by then. This seals the cuticle of the hair and the conditioner you just applied. You should never have a super hot shower when washing your hair because it dries out your hair, causing breakage.

Add some supplements to my diet. I eat pretty well but a little extra of the good stuff in a tablet can't hurt. Fish oil is full of Omega 3 fatty acids that help the body function at its best which also means healthier hair and skin by nourishing the follicles.

Protein produces keratin and the more keratin the stronger the strands. Biotin is a Vitamin B that promotes healthy hair, skin and nails but there's mixed research about this one. Our hair follicles need iron and so do our bodies so keep that high too.

Another one I might do less frequently is adding egg whites to my hair which will replenish and restore moisture and shine.

Watch out Rapunzel.