A beauty prayer answered

How many times do you see the best promotion on your favourite online beauty store, only to not know what colour foundation you should be getting.

There are no testers in the virtual world so how do you know what will match your skin?

The amazingly clever people at Findation (a combination of find and foundation - get it - brilliant!) have a solution.

Say goodbye to staring at the screen wondering if the little pixelated colour swatch you're looking at with really work for you or turn you into a ghost or oompa loompa.

It's an Australian based company and the website describes it as "the world's largest usable database of matching foundation colours."

Here's how it works.

"Simply enter two foundation shades that you use and are happy with and we will show you your perfect shade in any other product. In the world. Without needing to go into a store and try them on."

It also has a list of tinted moisturisers to really cover all bases.

It utilises "a sophisticated proprietary algorithm to match shades between brands."

So anything that uses an algorithm is way out of my league and impresses me immensely. 

I gave it a go, entering a foundation and powder and it gave me 125 matches. Some of those aren't even available in Australia which opens up a whole new world.

What a first world problem solved!

Pic: The Beauty Proof

Pic: The Beauty Proof