My verdict: Lancome long lasting softening concealer

Are you like me and have spent hundreds of dollars and hours hunting for the perfect concealer?

My issue seems to be caking and drying under my eyes, regardless of how much under eye cream and moisturisers I use. It's a bit frustrating seeing it settle into my creases a couple of hours into my day.

Just so you know, I use a serum, hyaluronic acid and sunscreen everyday, plus an eye cream if I'm feeling particularly dry, before my makeup application process begins. I let all the products absorb, settle and seep in so they can have maximum benefit.

After much research, I decided to give Lancome's long lasting softening concealer a go. I bought it for $59 in a department store so it could be properly matched to my skin colour. 

I went for this one because it claimed to be the one least likely to settle into creases and being SPF 30 was a big bonus, because we need to be protecting that delicate under eye area all the time.

Here's what I love about it. It works well to conceal the dark circles under my eyes I inherited from my mother, evening out my skin tone. It softens the appearance of fine lines without getting stuck in the ones I have. 

Being a creamy concealer, it goes on so nicely. I use my finger and pat it on before applying my foundation. Then if I need some extra coverage I use a concealer brush, once my foundation has gone on. You can also set it with a powder. Having said all that, depending on where I'm going, sometimes the concealer is all I need, it blends that well and matches my skin colour nicely.

It's also waterproof, filled with light diffusing technology - again good for dark circles or dark spots. 

If you're on the hunt for something new, give this a go. I think you'll be as happy with it as I am. 

Let me know what you think or what concealer you're loving right now.