My verdict: Models Prefer dark tanning cream

I love looking all tanned but do not like the sun (wrinkles) so am always on the look out for a new fake tan.

I have given J Bronze a go and just to try something new and offer you another product to consider, I moved on to Models Prefer bronze dark tanning cream. I bought it myself and this is a genuine, non sponsored product review.

The pretty fancy looking tube says it gives you a natural, streak free tan with the cream packed full of Vitamin E.

Vitamin E is full of antioxidants that block free radicals such as pollution damaging your skin. Blocking these nasties means an improved appearance of skin for example the prevention of wrinkles forming. It's also super moisturising which is great in a tanning cream because more hydrated skin means a more even tan.

After exfoliating to remove dead cells and best prepare my skin for the tanning cream, I applied it all over, except on my face. It comes out green and that's good. A green based tan is the most popular because it's suitable for most skin types and leaves you with a natural bronze tan. You can also see where you're rubbing it in. Just don't forget to wash your hands afterwards - thoroughly.

The cream goes on really nicely and absorbs well. It's also not the worst smelling fake tan I've used, but I still won't be going out with a group of friends or on a hot date without showering first. I'd leave it on for a couple of hours at least before washing it off.

It does provide an instant tan so if you're in a rush, you'll still get the bronzed benefits. I found it gradually and naturally faded after a few days, leaving no streaks or patches - keeping your skin hydrated by moisturising, helps with this.

The one issue, which is not exclusive to this tan, is that it rubs off on clothing so don't be wearing anything special straight after application. I recommend black.

As with all tans, if you have dry skin, add a bit of extra moisture especially on areas like your knees and elbows which have a tendency to collect the tan and leave you with an orange splotch.

In summary, I'm a big fan of this product and recommend it.

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