What men think about women's beauty #1

Men have it so easy when it comes to their beauty routines. Wash their face, a touch of moisturiser and they're out the door.

Washing their hair isn't a task they need to put in their diaries ... and let's not even talk about waxing!

I sat down with a couple of men and asked what they thought about some of the things we do, all for the sake of beauty.

You need to know what they had to say.

Top knot/messy bun:

Duncan - It reminds me of a ballet dancer. I'm not a huge fan of it and it doesn't look like it's part of her head.

Ken - Wasn't that in fashion last year for men? It's the official woman bun.

Fake tan (that comes out of the tube green):

Duncan - It's better than being sunburnt. I don't care about the colour because you don't turn out green.

Ken - Whoa, it's not overly appealing but it's about what it looks like on the skin not in the tube.

Charcoal mask:

Duncan - It looks scary but if it's good for your skin then that's ok. I wouldn't do it though - too much effort.

Ken - It looks like hair cream and also like nutella.

Dry shampoo:

Duncan - That's a good idea. That'll save a lot of time.

Ken - There's no need to have a shower. Do you use the same stuff for underarm hair?

Hyaluronic acid moisturiser:

Duncan - Does it burn? As long as it doesn't burn your face off.

Ken - Why would you put acid anywhere near your face? What's wrong with face cream and moisturiser?