A makeup artist says this is the one step not to skip

After spending more time focusing on getting her liquid liner right than her studies, the path to being one of Australia’s most iconic makeup artists was as they say a no brainer for Nicole Thompson (known as Pinky because of her bright pink hair).

Studying makeup was a quick suggestion from my then boyfriend as he saw my passion for it,” Nicole says.

“I quit my job fast and enrolled at The Australian College of Makeup and Special Effects in Sydney and have enjoyed the wild ride ever since.

“That boyfriend was onto something and 15 years later he is now my husband.” 

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Nicole is coming to Canberra for a makeup masterclass on Saturday October 27 and in the lead up, she reveals what looks are on trend and her top makeup and skincare tips.

What beauty looks are on trend for Spring and Summer?

I am loving people exploring more with colour around the eyes. Smokey eyes were once strictly smoky grey colours and now people are really having fun matching the colour of their shoes or outfit with their eye makeup. We are seeing so many fabulous pinks, burgundys and peaches around the eyes and I love it.

Fresh skin is having a comeback for summer, steering away from heavily applied matte flat skin. Mix your illuminiser in with your winter foundation to lighten it up and keep it hydrated.

What is your favourite makeup look?

On my clients, I love creating polished glam. I adore the 50s in makeup because every area of the face was perfected – skin, brows, eyes cheeks and lips – feminine and sexy – I love it. It’s lovely to make people feel wonderful in the skin they are in.

However, I adore getting wild and creative and am quite thankful for the reputation I have for loving creativity. I love that I get the call for the spooky shoots, the Halloween editorial, the shoot where we need to roll a dancer in glitter or paint them head to toe pink. YOLO!

What are your top 3 makeup tips for us non-professional makeup artists?

1. Don’t expect just the product to save you, it all about what you do with it. You can have the best foundation from the gods, but if you haven’t prepared your skin first or you slap it on fast without any thought, it’s never going to look its best.

2. Makeup is a prescription. Just like one medication does not suit everyone, the same can be said for makeup. Just because you see your favourite Youtuber use a particular product and it looks amazing on them, does not mean it will work for you. We all have different skin types, textures and skin colours. Don’t waste your money straight up. Try the product and check that it works for your face.

3. CURL YOUR LASHES for the love of god! Once again there is not point spending all your mula on the fanciest mascara if your lashes are straight or go downwards! Before you pile it on, CURL CURL CURL. THEN CURL AGAIN. Can you tell I am passionate about this? Makes all the difference!

What can we expect from your Canberra master class?

You can expect a friendly face showing you easy tricks to do your own face fast. You will learn to look at things in your kit differently and see the possibilities in what they can do and you will see some of my favourite products in action! I love a chat – so ask me questions!!! Let’s go! 

The master class is being held at the Canberra Centre from 12pm to 1pm. Tickets are $20 and you get a $20 Canberra Centre gift card with your ticket so it’s practically free.

Tickets are on sale now and you can get them here.

Nicole is also releasing a beauty book called Making It Up and it’ll be available in MAC, Myer and selected bookstores in November. I cannot wait to get my hands on a copy!