Are you applying your makeup the right way?

We wear makeup for so many different reasons - catching up with friends, work, going on a date, to the gym (click here for info about the makeup designed to wear when exercising) or just because.

Different occasions and different products call for different application techniques. 

I am a big fan of the silicone sponge and have also been known to apply makeup with my fingers - that's what works for me, but it's not right for everyone.

To get down into the detail, I spoke to makeup artists and skincare experts Jaki Bradley and Sarah Wright.

These ladies also know hair and have just opened the first blow dry bar in Canberra called Saloon. They also do makeup and pretty much everything to do with shaping your brows.

When it comes to makeup, they make a point of saying if you don't look after your skin - removing makeup, cleansing and moisturising - you won't get the best results.

For a light coverage, like a tinted moisturiser, BB or CC cream, you don't actually need any type of sponge.

"If you want something that's quick and easy, for a light tint, then use your fingers," Jaki says.

"When you use your fingers, pretty much all the product will go on your face because none is being absorbed by a brush or sponge," Sarah says.

Wash your hands before touching your face, being gentle under the eyes.

For a little more coverage, like a day at the office or a hot date, Jacqui recommends using a makeup brush - a synthetic one for foundation.

Jaki and Sarah are big fans of Hourglass brushes.

"The synthetic Hourglass brushes deposit all the product on your face," Jaki says.

She also does something a little different.

"I actually use a powder brush to apply foundation sometimes, one that is densely packed" she says.

Brushes that are densely packed have bristles more tightly packed into the handle, will hold more product to deposit on the skin and provide good coverage.

A less dense brush is best for powders like blush and highlighter.

Sarah recommends the Hourglass kabuki brush.

“It feels like I’m using my hands,” she says.

And Sarah has her own unique application tip, when to comes to concealer.

"A fluffy brush with a thick concealer will give you a good even coverage," she says.

"Just lightly and gently brush it on and blend it."

You can read more about which brush to use for which product here.

If you're going for full coverage makeup, perhaps a wedding where makeup needs to last, Jaki says this is when you use a sponge like a beauty blender.

"You can layer the product and with a damp sponge, it blends nicely," she says.

"Cream foundations and ones with a thicker, whipped texture go on better with a sponge.

"They give a beautiful, glowing, dewy coverage."

Now if you want these legendary ladies to work magic on your face or hair, check them out here.

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