Are you applying your skincare products in the right order?

We all want amazing looking skin but layering product on product isn’t necessarily the answer.

That’s because it’s not about how many serums or moisturisers you have in your routine but whether you’re applying them in the right order.

That order depends on the consistency of the product. You should always go from thin to thick because a light watery essence can’t penetrate a thick heavy cream. If you don’t, your products basically hit a road block and can’t work effectively.

So, here’s your step by step skincare guide.

1. The key is to start with a clean surface so remove any makeup. I recommend using the Face Halo. It’s a reusable makeup remover made of microfibres that attract makeup. Then you just rinse it with water. I use it and I love it. You can read more about the Face Halo here.

Another other option is a cleansing oil or you can also go with micellar water. Face wipes are my least favourite makeup remover.

You can read more about the difference between face wipes, micellar water and cleansing oils here.

2. Morning and night (after removing your makeup) you must cleanse to remove any lingering dirt and oil. Clean skin allows products to work even better. You should also exfoliate twice a week, using an exfoliant with a fine texture. Anything too rough can cause micro tears in the skin.

3. If you’re extra keen, add in the extra step of a toner or essence. It’ll provide a hydration boost. Both are lightweight but I prefer an essence. It’s like water on your skin, is fast absorbing and works better for me.

4. Next up is your treatment product – the one that targets your main skin concern. It’s most likely in a serum form because they’re highly concentrated making them more potent. You can add serums on top of each other if you have multiple skin concerns for example pigmentation and fine lines. 


5. Eye creams specially target fine lines and dark circles, moisturise and help improve and protect the skin around the eye. It’s the thinnest skin on the face and the most prone to dryness.

6. A moisturiser locks everything in. Be generous and apply it on your neck and chest as well. A night cream will be thicker than your day moisturiser because it’s designed to be absorbed over the course of the night. It works while you sleep, preventing water loss and skin dehydration.

7. A face oil is always the last step because other products are unlikely to be able to penetrate the oil molecule. It’s best used at night but if you have dry skin, dab a few drops on the skin during the day as well.

During the day always wear sunscreen. If you pick a chemical sunscreen, apply it before you moisturise and at least 20 minutes before leaving the house. If you pick a physical sunscreen, it’s the last step in your skincare routine before makeup. Once applied, you can leave the house and be instantly protected from UV rays. Click here for more about the differences between chemical and physical sunscreens.

It’s best to wait about a minute between applying each product if you have the time and maybe give yourself a face massage to ensure the product seeps in.

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