Athleisure makeup - what we've been waiting for

women running.jpg

How many of us sit in our active wear with no plans to do any exercise?

The rise of activewear has morphed into the need for athleisure makeup - the barely there look.

When we do hit the gym, we might meet up with a friend before or after for a coffee so it makes sense to want to wear a bit of makeup.

You might just not feel comfortable heading out anywhere without a bit of coverage and at the end of the day, we need to feel good.

Athleisure makeup is a bit different to the regular stuff. It needs to look effortless, natural and not damage the skin, clogging the pores when we sweat, resulting in a breakout.

Makeup brands have seen a gap in the market and come to the rescue.

Rae Cosmetics is a US brand "created to take the heat, like the women who wear it."

Founder Rochelle Rae told why she delved into this makeup space.

"The active lifestyle and culture has changed. Going to the gym, to a yoga or pilates class is much more than just working out. Now it's a social experience," she says.

"You meet more people at the gym than at a nightclub or grocery store so you want to look your best."

Sweat Cosmetics has been developed, tested and proven by five Olympic and pro athletes. It's 80 minutes water and sweat resistant, hypoallergenic, oil and silicone free.

The mineral foundation "combines makeup, skincare and sunscreen in a convenient tactical grip twist brush for light to medium coverage that protects and repairs active skin."

"The breathable dermatologist approved performance powder won't clog pores and is packed with natural, skin loving ingredients."

Arrow from Birchbox has also got in on the athleisure makeup action, "designed to keep up with your on the go active life whether that means straight from pilates to brunch or just powering through an action packed, appointment filled day."

Arrow has developed a water resistant mascara, tinted brow gel, waterproof eyeliner and brightener in one, an energetic skin tint and soothing facial mist.

It doesn't stop there! Tarte also has an athleisure makeup line that's packed with natural ingredients that are less likely to clog your pores. It's tinted moisturiser is oil free and offers light coverage while the highlighting moisturiser illuminates the skin.