Beauty in a bottle

An at home experiment is where the idea for a rose and geranium body oil all began.

Canberran Juliana Fraser has just launched the body oil - the first product under her brand Juicy Bod - because she couldn’t find a moisturiser that hydrated and nourished her skin.

“A year ago, I did some research into natural oils and the incredible benefits it can have for your skin,” she says.

“I bought some avocado oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil and a range of essential oils and created my own amazing concoctions.

“Finally, I had juicy skin so I thought, there must be other people that have the same frustration as I do, so why don’t I start my own business and help everyone get juicy skin?”

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The process to create a product Juliana was happy to launch took almost a year.

“There is a lot of research that comes with creating your own beauty product and I also came up with lots of different ideas for the oils,” she says.

“After a lot of playing around with fragrances and formulas, I finally decided to take the plunge in October 2018. I set a launch date for February 2019 and just went for it.

“I really think that you could wait forever before going through with something, but when you tell yourself you’re going to do it, you just get it done.”

Juliana gave me a bottle of the body oil and it is so luxe from the glass bottle it comes in to the subtle rose fragrance and the beautiful pieces of rose quartz inside.

Ingredients include almond oil, grapeseed oil, avocado oil and organic jojoba oil.

The body oil glides on so nicely, absorbs into the skin leaving no greasy residue and after using it for one day, my skin was so much more hydrated.

What sets this body oil aside from the rest is it has a multitude of uses.

“You can use it on the dry ends of your hair, as a massage oil, as a soothing bath oil, a light floral perfume, a meditation oil, as a cuticle oil, face moisturiser and it can also help maintain the colour of fake tan,” Juliana says.

“It is literally for your whole bod and our product contains 100% natural ingredients and absolutely no nasties.”

This is only the beginning for Juliana and Juicy Bod with ideas for other products already whirling around in her head.

I sure do have a couple of exciting ranges up my sleeve however, I really want to see what people think about my first product, Rose & Geranium body oil so I can listen to my customers to figure out exactly where to go next,” she says.

My verdict

I love this body oil for how well it moisturises and softens my skin and you don’t need a huge amount for it to work. I used it on my hair giving me an instant moisture boost on the ends and on my face overnight and the next morning it was soft and glowing.

The body oil smells so good and the added touch of rose quartz in every bottle just adds to the beauty of the product and the thought that went into creating it.

I recommend it and will be restocking. I also can’t wait for what comes next in the Juicy Bod range.

It’s $39 a bottle and you can get yourself one at

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