Beauty rules made to be broken

We break fashion rules by clashing prints and mixing metals so why do we have to stick to a set of beauty guidelines?

While some things are non negotiable like wearing sunscreen (because wrinkles) and removing makeup before bed (because pimples and dull skin), there’s some scope for ignoring a few others.

Here are the five beauty 'rules' I break and my skin isn’t suffering because of my decision to rebel, go rogue, not conform - or just do what my skin needs.

1. I don’t prime

The great makeup artist Napoleon Perdis says not to prime is a crime. While I don’t want to disagree with him, I don’t find it to be an essential step in my makeup routine.

I apply a sunscreen and then moisturise before applying my makeup. That’s plenty hydration for my skin and the combination works as a good makeup base for me. My makeup stays on and in place all day.

2. I apply foundation right under my eyes

There are specially designed concealers and colour correctors for this area but not adding the extra layer of coverage, doesn’t work for me.

This is because i have under eye pigmentation and I like to make sure it’s well covered. It makes me feel more comfortable and confident. 

I keep the skin under my eyes well hydrated so no foundation gets stuck in the creases. You also have to make sure you pick the right foundation for your skin, so there is no settling in any fine lines and wrinkles.

3. I apply concealer on top of foundation

After applying foundation, I get out my concealer, again because I need that extra coverage under the eyes.

If you leave concealing to after foundation, you will see what needs a little extra attention. You might not even need to conceal, so you’re saving some product and precious time.

As long as you’re blending, you too can get away with concealing post foundation.

4. I use eye cream right under my eye

The experts say just apply it on the eye socket or orbital bone, about half an inch below the lash line and it will travel when the body heats up.

I might apply it a little higher so I can be sure it’s getting to the right spots - which for me are closer to the inner corners of the eye. I don’t put it right on the lash line because I don’t want it getting in the eye, causing my eyes to water.

I also apply in on the outer corners to prevent crows feet. I don’t think there’s any harm going closer to the temple.

5. I wear mascara on my lower lashes

Some say it makes you look tired or older. Others say it makes eyes look smaller and can accentuate the appearance of dark circles.

I just love mascara on the bottom lashes. It defines my eyes and I think makes them look bigger

It’s not like I’m going full glam all over the bottom row, rather adding a light touch to frame my eyes and complete my look.

Now over to you. What makeup rules do you break?