Blush is back

Heavy contouring is a thing of the past.

We know trends come and go and I have to say I’m happy this one is on the way out because let’s face it, even though it looks great, it’s time consuming and complicated and not user friendly for the less experienced.

Something has to replace it and we’ve gone from one extreme to the other – the basic blush. It’s back.

There are colours to suit each skin tone so picking one isn't actually that hard.

Finding the right colour has a little to do with your skin undertones and if you’re keen to delve deep into this, visit any beauty counter and get a professional to help.

I’ve never done this and have gone more with what suits my olive skin. This guide will help you figure out which blush to buy.


Peach is an all round wonder for your skin tone with its orange and yellow tones. Pigment should show up quite easily on your skin so don’t go too heavy. Choose a consistency that’s more on the sheer side.


Your skin already has a lot of warmth to it so apricot is a good one for you. It’ll subtly accentuate your skin tone with a touch of orange and add a hint of colour. A slightly richer pink is also a good choice for that extra colour hit – think raspberry.


Warm shades of peach, with more of a bronze touch to it will add depth. You can also choose rose and the hint of red will look natural but noticeable


Highly pigmented colours are the best choice for you in plum or berry. Something with a red tone or a peach will add that subtle colour pop. Terracotta with those peach tones will also work for you.

Applying blush

We know there’s a brush for everything so grab your favourite blush brush and concentrate the colour on the apples of the cheeks (the bits that pop out when you smile), moving up towards the temples.

If you have oily skin, pick a powder and anyone with darker skin should go for a cream blush and blend it in.

What we’re not saying goodbye to is highlighter, especially as we approach Summer and want the sun to catch that glow.

It’s a simple extra step to add that bit of glow, focusing on the high points of the face. The colour you go with should be slightly pigmented but not as much as your blush. The two should seamlessly blend together for a flawless finish.

I am loving the Urban Decay after glow palette that has 4 different highlighters. I use an angled brush that’s soft and fluffy and lightly brush it on.

If you’re more of a cream person, Becca champagne pop is still one of the best going around in my opinion. I use my ring finger and dab it across my cheekbones. It blends well and you can also use a beauty blender or silicone sponge to work it into your cheeks.