Dermaplaning – the beauty treatment that’s not what you think

Dermaplaning has been given a bit of a bad rap.

It’s probably because many think it’s shaving the face and you can understand why.

A blade is skimmed across the surface of the skin and along with removing dead skin cells, your hair goes too. It’s designed to remove congestion and make the skin look clearer.

It’s the vellous hair that goes – the soft fluffy stuff no one really likes.

I’ve had it done twice. It’s painless but can feel a little weird as the blade glides over the skin, but you get used to it pretty quickly.

Both times, Riana Janse van Rensberg from Riana Health and Skincare Clinic did my dermaplaning treatments.

“Dermaplaning is a medical form of exfoliation where we use a medical patent blade to remove the lop layers of the epidermis,” Riana says.

“It looks like shaving because we have a blade in the hand and we’re moving against the hair growth, but the way the blade was made with the 45 degree angle actually takes the hair off in a way that when it re-grows, it’s not as stubble.

“The blade is very well made not to scratch the skin like you do get with razors”

That’s not the only benefit of the treatment.

“It’s a no chemical peel so depending on the amount of strokes the therapist does, you get from a mild peel to an intense peel but you have no chemical outcome so there’s no downtime,” Riana says.

That means you can go straight back to work, running errands and can put your makeup right on top.

Another benefit is because it’s an exfoliation – which opens up the pores – the skin is more receptive to the beauty products you use, so they will penetrate deeper and work better.

The first time I had the treatment I was intrigued how my hair would grow back and I didn’t notice it was thicker or darker.

Riana says over time, some women noticed slower hair growth.

I loved how smooth and soft my skin felt, my makeup looked better on and I was keen for my beauty products to work a little extra magic.

Riana actually commented my skin was less congested on the surface and deeper down.

Dermaplaning is suitable for almost all skin types.

“Anybody can have it done but I wouldn’t do it on the very young client,” Riana says.

“The only skin you need to avoid is infected skin, inflamed skin and on those with active acne.”

Riana says it can have anti-ageing benefits too.

“Because you can go right into the eye area, clients have said they’ve got less lines there so I think clients are returning not only for the hair loss but for the improvement in skin.”

As for whether you should do it yourself, I wouldn’t recommend it.

The blade used is specially designed for dermaplaning and not your regular underarm razor.

If you have any questions, please get in touch.

This post is a collaboration with Riana Health and Skincare Clinic.