Hair removal has actually never sounded so good

This is a game changer for those with light leg and underarm hairs.

I'm talking to you blondes and fellow red heads. How many times have you been told laser and other IPL technologies won't work for you?

Well there's a new treatment out there putting you back in the game. It also works just as well for those with dark hair.

It's called super hair removal (SHR) and Veronica Johnson from Fiore Medi.Spa has been offering the supercharged service for about four months.

She says she wanted to keep her spa at the cutting edge of technology.

Here's how it works.

Veronica says with SHR, light or energy is passed through the melanin (what gives hair its colour) so any hair follicle that contains melanin is eventually destroyed.

She says traditional lasers and IPL technologies employ short bursts of energy along the melanin to attack the hair follicle.

"The SHR system only heats the melanin to 45 degrees celsius ... and research has shown that a slower but longer heating process is considerably more effective for hair reduction than high and short levels of energy," Veronica says.

"This is why SHR attracts the hair colours it does. It's all about the energy going through the melanin instead of around it."

So that's the technical side of it, but what about the results?

I chatted to two women who've had a go.

Melissa Smith who has dark hair, waxed her legs for 15 years before trying SHR.

"I've had four treatments and after two I saw amazing results," she says.

"After four treatments the hair on my legs is 90% gone, 80% gone on my bikini and less on my underarms because I shaved under there before."

Margaret Maloney was also a waxer but was after something different to better deal with the coarse hairs on her legs.

"I've had four treatments and have seen a reduction in hair growth and it's also taking longer for the hair to grow back."

"There is no pain, no side effects and I'm confident I'm on the right track.

"I would certainly recommend this for people to have a look at."

Melissa has already recommended it to her sister.

"She's had success as well."

Veronica recommends 6 to 10 treatments but has clients who are almost hair free after 3.

You should also have a treatment every 4 weeks.

As for the price, visit

And as for me, I'll definitely be giving it a go.

This post was written in conjunction with Fiore Medi.Spa.