How a night cream can solve your skin woes

Most of us have those niggling skin woes that just don’t seem to go away.

It might be breakouts, dull looking skin, dry skin or if you’re like me, pigmentation.

We’ve tried cream after cream and serums, lotions and skincare treatments but it just doesn’t seem to minimise.

That’s where the power of a night cream comes in. So much goodness happens when we sleep and we really don’t have to do anything other than pick a night cream and close our eyes.


So why a night cream?

During the day we’re out and about, getting stuff done and that wreaks havoc on the skin.

UV rays have the biggest impact on our skin. UVA and UVB rays get us through office and car windows and while we’re outside so we really can’t escape. They penetrate the skin causing our skin to age.

The best way to prevent this is to wear sunscreen – at least an SPF 30.

You can find out whether you should be using a physical or chemical sunscreen here. The difference is how the rays are neutralised and your skin protected. Different skin types need a different formulation for example I use a physical sunscreen which is better for my pigmentation.

The other thing to be aware of during the day is pollution. When you’re walking outside between meetings, getting some fresh air or going for a run, pollution is getting to your skin. It’s the stuff unfortunately we can’t control like car exhausts, cigarette smoke and the dust from that construction happening next door.

It clogs the pores, decreases firmness and quickens the dreaded ageing process.

That brings me back to the original question about why you should be using a night cream.

There are far fewer pollutants in your home and in your bedroom when you’re sleeping so your night cream can work and target your skin concerns. It doesn’t have to battle against the elements.

At night we want to repair the damage done during the day. Our skin cells regenerate overnight. Night time is also when water loss is at its peak so hydration is key.

The thicker the cream the better

Day creams are usually lighter, often designed to be worn under makeup. This is not the case for a night cream.

A thick cream helps it stay in place all night and is packed with nourishing ingredients. Because there’s no competing with the sun, they contain more active ingredients like retinol or Vitamin A that are the anti-ageing superstars.

Think of your night cream like a slow burn – releasing the goodness over several hours so you wake up with hydrated and repaired skin.

Picking the right night cream is an important decision and it should be one that targets your specific skin issue and hydrates.

If, like me you struggle with pigmentation, Vitamin C is your best friend. For hydration, consider a cream with hyaluronic acid (you can read more about the supreme benefits of hyaluronic acid here).

Other active ingredients include glycolic acid that gets rid of dead skin cells and lactic acid to increase cell turnover and regeneration.

So lather up at night, get some shut eye and let the magic happen.