How to pick the right concealer

You have that important meeting, a hot date, a catch up with old friends so you take a little extra time to do your makeup. 

You think it’s all looking good, then maybe a few minutes or an hour later you have another look and your concealer is smudged, stuck in the creases or is all dry and cakey. 

I’ve been there more times than I want to remember and have gone through that many different types of concealers trying to find the right one.  

I interchange my concealers depending on what I’m doing and how the bags and dark circles are looking.

One thing that doesn’t change is the consistency I go for and that’s a liquid concealer. 

Anything else is too dry for under my eyes.

concealers reflected.jpg

The number 1 rule before applying anything under there is to hydrate. The under eye area is so delicate and the skin so thin so you need to give it a little extra TLC. If it’s hydrated, your concealer will go on better, regardless of the one you choose.

The number 2 rule is to be gentle. Pat or dab your concealer under there with your ring finger or your concealer brush. Do not rub or drag your finger or brush along. 

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So which concealer should you choose?

Liquid: It’s the most versatile concealer for most skin types and age groups because it’s buildable.

Creamy: It is suitable for most skin types. It’s a medium to full coverage and great for covering pigmentation. It can shift on the skin so you might want to set with a powder. 

Stick: This is usually a thicker consistency and best for normal skin because it can be drying under the eye. You’ll need to blend it really well.

It’s a tough decision and there are so many on the market so I asked 3 Canberra makeup artists for their top 3 concealers.

Diana Cheetham

1.     Maybelline master conceal. “It’s full coverage but pliable and acts as a primer to a point where it sets the skin around the eyes and stops shadows from creasing.” 12ml for $15.95

2.     MAC prep and prime highlight concealer. “It’s lightweight but provides great coverage.” 3.6ml for $46

3.     Maybelline instant age rewind. “Good coverage and doesn’t go cakey. It has a soft and gentle applicator for the fragile eye area and is great for mature skin.” 6ml for $19.95


Tara Florence

1.     Tarte shape tape. “The creamy texture provides a full coverage base with one application and is not to be messed with. The only downside is if you have dry undereyes, steer clear of this.” 10ml for $37

2.     MAC studio fix concealer. “This little cylinder of magic is only very new but its added benefit is being able to use it on dry and creased skin too. You can build it up or sheer it out depending on how your week has been.” 7ml for $38

3.     NARS radiant creamy concealer. “It definitely is a beautiful product but I only tend to choose this one now when the other two are not available because of it’s smaller size and bigger price tag. 6.5ml for $44


Amy Capeda

1.     NARS radiant creamy concealer. “This is the best all rounder, great on the skin and it works really well under the eyes unless you’re very dry or concerned about lines in the area. It blends well with a brush or your fingers.” 6.5ml for $44

2.     Ellis Faas concealer. “It is stunning on the skin and gives medium coverage, blending seamlessly and has a real skin like finish. It is amazing under the eyes, great for all ages and works on all skin types except oily skin.” 2.3ml for $50

3.     Laura Mercier secret camouflage. “While it’s not suitable under the eye because the formula is completely oil free and can be drying, it’s worth a mention anyway because it has great coverage and lasting power on the face. Apply it with a synthetic brush and use your fingers to blend out the edges so it’s undetectable on the skin.” 7.3g for $48 (approx)

What concealer do you use? If there’s one you want me to review, let me know. Until then, next on my to try list is NARS radiant creamy concealer.

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