Makeup application made easy

There are beauty blenders and sponges and brushes and I’ve tried them all to apply and blend my makeup with.

Then the silicone sponge came to my attention. It’s a tough, squishy, flat tear drop shaped sponge you use to blend your makeup.

The one I am using is the siligel blender from STYLondon and you can use it for face creams as well as foundation.

The instructions say apply the product to your skin and spread it around, then use the sponge to blend it in by tapping it into your skin until you’re happy with how it’s sitting.

I have been using my fingers to apply my makeup – which is quite a light liquid – because I like the way I can move and spread it across my face. My fingers warm up and help blend it in better.

So, after a quick swish of foundation across my face with my fingers, out comes the silicone sponge. It feels really nice and gentle as I tap away, pretty close to how it feels using my fingers. I can actually feel it warming up, helping the product settle naturally into my skin. I don’t press too hard but go over my skin 2 to 3 times or until I’m happy with how it’s blended.

I also use it under the eyes for my concealer because it’s that gentle and you can squeeze it together to get to the inner eye and harder to reach areas on the face.

Once I’m done, there’s hardly any product transference so the makeup really has been blended in rather than absorbed by the sponge, which happens more with a traditional sponge, beauty blender or brush. You can’t knock no product wastage!

What I possibly love about this even more than the texture and ease of using it is how easy it is to clean.

Because of what it’s made of, all you need a bit of soap and water – no joke. You just gently wash the product off and leave it to dry (which is does so quickly).

You can also use the blender for your cream highlighters on the high points of the cheeks.

I know some people freak out about using fingers to apply makeup but the professional makeup artists do it and if you have clean hands, there’s no reason to suggest any bacteria will get onto your skin during the application process.

Having said that, I also tried applying my foundation straight onto the silicone sponge and the result is just as good. I lightly spread the foundation around then pressed it into the skin to blend, the same way as before.

My verdict: I’m a fan. They’re not too expensive – the one I tried is $14 – so if you’re thinking about it, go for it.

There are other versions of the same thing and you can also get hold of the jelly blender from Models Prefer ($10), the Silisponge from Molly Cosmetics (ships to Australia and costs $US10) or Korah with its crystal teardrop miracle blender ($23) that offers free shipping in Australia.

So over to you. Have you tried the silicone sponge? I’d love to know what you think.