My makeup loves #1

I am a sucker for something new. I occasionally get sucked in to advertising just like the next person

There are that many highlighters and concealers and foundations and seriously I’ve tried heaps. I’ll continue to try more - that’s just what I love to do.

There are however those products I buy that I instantly love and have used regularly for the last few months.

Something better might come along, let me be honest, but until then, here are 5 I’m using and can recommend.

Tarte Shape Tape

I have hunted for years for a concealer I like. You probably know by now of my pigmentation issue. I have dark circles under my eyes (inherited) and a little pigmentation around the cheeks which kind of look like freckles.

Most concealers don’t give me enough coverage, or when I apply an extra layer it just dried out and gets stuck in the creases. Not Tarte Shape Tape. It’s thick and creamy and blends so nicely as well as offering amazing coverage. Sometimes all I need to wear is concealer. You can wear this concealer under or on top of foundation.

I went into Sephora and applied a few different colours, to compare before I bought the best one for my skin.

tarte shape tape.jpg

Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation

The search for a foundation is a little similar to that of a concealer. I need medium coverage to help even out my skin tone (pigmentation) without it looking like it’s clogged all my pores, caking on my skin.

Estee Lauder Double Wear is so easy to apply and it sits well on my skin. It’s buildable if you’re after a little extra coverage. What I do is actually mix it with an illuminating primer to give it a bit of an extra glow.

There are also so many colours to choose from. I went to David Jones and asked for a sample of quite a few shades to make sure I was using the right one.

estee lauder double wear.jpg

Model co x Hailey Baldwin lip gloss

Back before Hailey Baldwin became Beiber, she teamed up with Model Co bringing out a range of makeup. I got the lip gloss (the colour is Biz) and it’s the perfect amount of colour and the perfect level of gloss. It’s not sticky and smells like candy.

hailey baldwin model co lip gloss.jpg

Rimmel mascara

My lashes don’t clump or dry out using this one and I love the big thick brush that is a little thinner at the top so it coats every lash. Thebest thing about it is the shaker ‘technology’. When you think you’ve run out of mascara on the wand, just put the brush back in, shake it up and it’s refreshed. No need to pump the wand and possibly dry out your mascara.

Pixi lipstick

When you want a bit of colour but don’t want a bit of colour this is the perfect shade. It’s that barely there nude with a hint of pink that goes on so nicely and feels luscious on the lips. It’s moisturising and won’t dry out your lips. Seriously, get on this.

rimmel and pixi.jpg