Makeup trend alert: This is everything we'll be seeing in Autumn

I love a season change – not so much for the cool Winter weather, but the chance to give new life to your look and change things up a bit.

We’re in Autumn and I love it because the temperature is dropping but it’s still warm and sunny and soon the leaves will change colour and fall and I think it is just a beautiful time of year.

While it’s not cool enough to do away with the shorts, t-shirts and dresses just yet, we can start thinking about shirts, jackets, coats and boots – some of my favourite fashion things.

It’s also the time to look at makeup trends.

I’m not huge on trends and keep things fairly consistent with how I do my makeup all year round. I have a one year old son so there’s little time to change things up too much, plus I know what works for me when it comes to colours and tones.

Having said that, I do love to play and experiment when I get the chance – usually when I’m heading out, because why take the time when no one is going to see the effort, right?!

So, I’ve checked out what has been on the runways across the world, beauty wise and here’s what I’ve noticed.

Eyeshadow tones

I love a good brown eyeshadow. Yes, I know how boring that sounds but you can always add in a little shimmer to liven things up and there are so many different kinds of browns.

What we’re seeing for Autumn are warmer browns with a little more colour to them, specifically terracotta and apricot tones. It’s such a subtle way to change things up and suits pretty much all eye colours and skin tones. It’ll definitely make a statement. You can also go with burgundy, eggplant and even gold or rose gold that are in the same tone family, but maybe distant relatives.


It’s a serious case of 50 shades of red. Autumn is definitely the time everyone digs into the makeup bag to find those deep reds and burgundy shades, but this year, any red goes.

It’s all about the statement lip so bust out anything in the red lip family that works for your skin tone and it can be matte or gloss – neither one is set to dominate.


There are no surprises here but dewy skin is still in. It’s all about that glowing, fresh look with highlighted cheekbones. Having a very natural base allows you to experiment a bit with those terracotta eyeshadows and darker lips.

If you like a bit of blush, carry the eyeshadow tones down to the cheeks for a hint of colour.


What’s also not going anywhere is the winged liner. If you opt for a pared back look, this will definitely add the drama.


On so many runways I saw glitter. Glitter on the eyelids, glitter on the cheeks and even glitter freckles. This is definitely not one for the faint hearted but a bit of fun if you’re game.