My makeup loves #3

I like makeup. I have a fair amount of it and a lot of the time find myself using the same things over and over again.

This is part 3 of my makeup loves series and these are the products I’m using on high rotation and have been for a while.

You can check out my makeup loves #1 here and #2 here to see other makeup I highly rate.

LUMA lip and cheek tint

I love that these give your lips and cheek a bit of colour - a 2 in 1 is always a favourite in my book. They’re so hydrating and you can build the colour. My favourite is Lady Luck.

When using it as a cheek tint, use it sparingly and take the time to blend it in before considering adding more.

Ardell brow palette

I have a confession to make. I do my brows when I’m not leaving the house and no one is coming to visit. I have a few bald patches that drive me nuts and considering it only takes a minute to fill them in and makes me feel good, I say why not.

This Ardell kit has everything you need. A spoolie to brush your brows into place, three colours to choose from (or mix them together for a custom shade), a highlighter plus a tapered brush for precision application. It also comes with a wax pencil which I use to get any unruly hairs under control.

ardell brow kit.jpg

Poni Cosmetics tubular mascara

This is a tubular or tubing mascara and I cannot go back to using a traditional one again.

The difference between the two is with a tubing mascara, polymer tubes are formed around each individual lash rather than being coated with a regular mascara.

When you remove this mascara, you’re removing the entire tube so you’ll see small black bits on a cotton pad as opposed to more of a solid colour when taking off traditional mascaras. This is why you get no panda eye.

The mascara doesn’t flake or smudge and my lashes feel quite natural and soft, not hard or crunchy.

mascara open .jpg