My verdict: asap moisturising daily defence SPF50

Sunscreen – essential for anti-ageing and preventing sunburn – but damn is it hard to find a good one.

Throw in my requirements of needing it to be a physical sunscreen (find out the difference between chemical and physical sunscreens here) and wanting a high SPF (read about what SPF really means and whether you need 15, 30 or 50 here) plus something that hydrated … it was no easy task finding something I was prepared to try.

My search led me to asap moisturising daily defence SPF50.

On paper, it pretty much ticked every box  

-       It’s SPF50

-       Contains zinc oxide which protects the skin from UVA rays (the ones that cause ageing) and UVB rays (the ones that cause the skin to burn)

-       Contains hyaluronic acid which is a master hydrator (see why you need to add this ingredient to your beauty routine here)

-       Contains niacinamide which helps prevent pigmentation, promotes skin elasticity which decreases as we get older and boosts the skin’s immunity to UV rays

-       Suitable for all skin types, including if you suffer from acne

-       Won’t clog your pores

-       Can help prevent sun spots

-       Protects the skin from the effects of daily pollutants

-       It’s fast absorbing

So I ordered it online (I paid for it myself so this is not a sponsored post) hoping my other sunscreen wouldn’t run out before it arrived, because my top 2 beauty rules are always wear sunscreen – prevents those fine lines and wrinkles appearing sooner than anyone wants – and remove your makeup.

I have used the whole 50ml tube and it lasted about 2 months which is pretty good value for money. I bought it from Adore Beauty and it cost me $29. You can also get the 100ml tube for $55.

My verdict

Did it do what it promised? 

Despite being a slightly thicker daily moisturiser than I’m used to, it absorbed really nicely into my skin, leaving no white film on there, which can be a problem if you’re using a product with zinc oxide. Remember the days with the thick white zinc we pasted across our noses!

It has a really lovely texture to it and doesn’t feel oily or sticky. My skin felt moisturised and hydrated and it sat well under my makeup, not altering the colour of my foundation and allowing for smooth application of liquids and powders. My makeup also stayed in place all day.

It’s recommended you apply every morning and reapply when needed but I didn’t because I didn’t want to put it on top of my makeup. I didn’t get burnt at all using it and my skin does feel in better condition since using the moisturiser.

While I have moved on to try another moisturising sunscreen that just came onto the market (I have to try everything), I have bought this one again because it’s SPF50 and perfect for days at the beach or long periods under the sun.