My verdict: Claire Hill anti-ageing serum and moisturiser

When these products were unwrapped and placed in my bathroom cabinet, I did a little happy dance.

Not for a long time has a serum and moisturiser combo excited me more and here’s why.

When pregnant and breastfeeding, botox is a no go. As is retinol and most products containing Vitamin A. All skincare experts told me to stay away from this trio when I was pregnant with my son and then breastfeeding.

These three are probably the most effective when it comes to anti-ageing, so I just thought I had to wait a long while to use anything really effective to combat my fine lines and occasional dullness.

Then the Claire Hill products came along.

The Aussie skincare brand was created as Loretta Hill’s legacy to her daughter Claire. Loretta’s belief is that a woman’s beauty and confidence go hand in hand so she sought to develop “a formula for ageless skin”.

What jumped out at me straight away is that the products are an alternative to injectables.  

I was sent the serum and moisturiser and have been using them both. 


The S8-28 anti-ageing moisturiser is made with the octapeptide SNAP-8. It’s been called a natural alternative to botox and causes the muscles in our face to relax over time, reducing the signs of ageing. The moisturiser prevents the formation of new wrinkles while making the ones we have less noticeable. Double whammy!

It’s also lightweight, absorbs so nicely and is incredibly hydrating.

The S8-28 assist serum contains an ingredient called Hyanify. It’s a marine ingredient that stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid which binds moisture into the skin, making it look plump.

I consider hyaluronic acid to be the best hydrating ingredient out there and cannot recommend it enough.

This serum also contains Kakadu plum, considered a super fruit because it contains the highest source of Vitamin C (good for brightening, targeting pigmentation and stimulating the production of collagen which also plumps up the skin).

Using the products as a combo – the serum first, then the moisturiser – gives you better results. 

My verdict: 

I’ve been using the products for about two months now. You need to use anything new for at least 28 days to notice a change because that’s how long it takes for our skin cells to turnover. 

I have noticed my skin is firmer, more hydrated, softer, more plump and more supple. The fine lines around my eyes have diminished and my pigmentation has lightened too. 

I also add a shake of a Vitamin C powder to the serum because my pigmentation is particularly stubborn. 

While these products are on the expensive side - $88 for the serum and $118 for the moisturiser – they provide real results and are worth every penny. 

Loretta set out to create an “effective alternative to more invasive treatments” and “a new standard in anti-ageing skincare” and I believe she has done just that.

The serum and moisturiser were gifted to me, but that has not influenced this blog post in any way.