My verdict: Divine Company gradual tan - naturally bronze

When I was alerted to the existence of a new fake tan, I of course jumped at the opportunity to give it a go.

It's one of my favourite things to experiment with new products, so you can reap the rewards.

The lovely ladies from Divine Company, Emma and Jenna, offered to send me their natural bronze gradual tan and as a bonus I received their body scrub too, all part of their Winter glow campaign.

The ladies hail from Tweed Heads in Northern New South Wales and their products are vegan, all natural and certified organic.

“We believe in quality first, always celebrating wellness and authenticity as rightful art forms,” they write on their website

“We are committed and passionate about offering beautiful skin care to enrich a beautiful life.

“Our world has watched as ‘organic’ has taken on a life of its own. Often misrepresented, our mission is to recreate and re-establish the potency of what it truly means to be certified organic and how to live an authentic life with the elements.”

“Divine Company certified organic naturally bronze, enriched with aloe vera, shea butter and coconut oil, provides a gradual and naturally glowing bronze tan without the use of synthetic chemicals, ideal for fair to medium skin tones,” it says on the back of the tube.

So I followed instructions, starting with the scrub in the shower before applying the tan. It's of course grainy but not too rough on the skin and has such a refreshing smell to it. After using it, my skin felt instantly smoother, probably because of the aloe vera and shea butter, pumice and walnut granules.

Then I applied the tan. It's a pale yellow colour which means you can see what you've rubbed in and more importantly, any spots you've missed.

Being a gradual tan, there’s no instant gratification. The instructions say within 6 to 8 hours you should start seeing some colour. Then you can reapply as many times as you like to get the golden tone you're after.

If you’ve left tanning too late and want more instant results, check out my reviews on J Bronze dark tanning cream and Models Prefer dark tanning cream.

I have naturally olive skin but definitely love a bit of extra colour in the cold and I also had a ball coming up so the timing was perfect when the box of goodies arrived from Divine.

About a week before the ball I gave it a whirl to see how quickly the colour came up, how it looked on my skin and how many layers I'd need to apply.

After about 8 hours, I definitely looked like I’d returned from a beach vacation and reapplied to see how it built up.

It doesn't have too potent an odour like a lot of other tans. I actually applied it before work one day and I didn't notice my colleagues avoiding me.

The end result was a lovely, subtle and natural golden brown. The perfect amount of colour for me for Winter. I highly recommend it.

As part of the Divine Company’s Winter glow campaign, if you purchase a naturally bronze gradual tanner and enter the code winter glow, you’ll receive the exfoliating body scrub for free!