My verdict: Garnier skin active BB cream

I am always looking for a way to streamline my morning makeup routine because there are those days we’re running late and just don’t have time for our usual routine.

We still want to look good but damn that snooze button or that interesting news story or so many must watch Insta stories!

So when I saw the advert for Garnier’s nude effect BB cream for the ‘millionth’ time, I thought, ok it’s time to try it.

I got sucked in by TV advertising.

So here is what it says it’ll do:

It goes on white and then adjusts to match your skin tone for a “natural, healthy glow with a zero makeup feel.”

It promises to reduce lines, imperfections, correct, hydrate and protect from UV rays because it contains sunscreen.

Ingredients include apricot oil for hydrating, Vitamin C to boost the skin’s luminosity, mineral pigments to give you that natural coverage and it’s SPF15.

What actually happens:

Pretty much nothing and I gave it several opportunities to prove me wrong.

me with bb cream.jpg

You get a semi shiny glow across your face which looks natural – not like you’ve just come back from the gym and had a good sweat session.

It did match to my skin – I’ll give it that.

It doesn’t correct my pigmentation or diminish the appearance of my dark under eye circles – which are the two main things I was hoping for.

Having Vitamin C as an ingredient, which is supposed to target pigmentation, was what pushed me from being interested to buying it. I paid for the product myself.

I still have to apply concealer – more than if I was wearing one of my foundations – and then a bit of powder as well.

I tried applying more and more layers, thinking maybe that was the solution but I realised it was just not going to work for me.

I also tried applying it underneath my foundation and that didn’t make a difference either to covering up any pigmentation.

At this stage I wondered what it was good for?

I know I don’t have perfectly flawless skin but I thought with all the ingredients and the promises made, it’d deliver some benefits.

Final verdict:

Maybe if I wasn’t leaving the house I’d wear it, or if I was going to the gym or to a pilates class I might pull it off the shelf but I wouldn’t bother putting it on before work or a catch up with friends.

It takes longer to get the makeup look I want using this than a foundation and in a world where we have so much makeup product choice, I am going to choose something else.

It was only $15 so I’m not crying into my coffee but I am disappointed.

Have you used this BB cream before? I’d love to hear what you think.

If you’ve found a BB cream you love, please let me know.