This is possibly the greatest makeup you will ever buy

I had to check if I was hearing right when the makeup artist told me it wasn't a foundation but a BB cream. 

It's the Jane Iredale glow time mineral BB cream and came into my life at a makeup workshop at Z and Co in Canberra.

BB stands for beauty balm or blemish balm - depending on who you ask.

I have tried BB creams in the past and found their coverage was light but not great for hiding blemishes or pigmentation. This one blew me away with how full yet natural the coverage is so I bought it in the number 7 shade.

Another bonus is it’s mineral, described as “skin care plus makeup” on the website.

“Glow time covers blemishes, minimises pores, disguises wrinkles and smooths and brightens skin.”

You know when you’re skeptical about what you read on a website singing the praises of a product – well I am too but this is really accurate.

Being a full coverage makeup, it is quite thick so I recommend only using a little bit and spreading it well with a foundation brush. I learnt this the hard way. It looked a little cakey on my cheeks where I applied a bronzer, blush or highlighter on top. 

You really can get away with just the smallest amount, which means the product lasts longer - very welcome for the hip pocket.

What I also love about this is if you add a little bit extra under the eyes, it can double as a concealer - the coverage is that good. I also only apply a little bit of powder under the eye to set it because I have dark circles and find I need a bit of extra cover up in that area.

It doesn’t tend to get stuck in the creases either which is ideal.

It also offers that glow we all love. Each shade has sunscreen in it, protecting from UVA and UVB rays. Some shades have SPF 25 and others 17 so I recommend using a sunscreen underneath (Mecca superscreen is SPF50 and my go to).

The BB cream is one of the most well rounded products I’ve come across in a long time - ideal if you're looking for a natural glowing look, for added coverage or if you suffer from acne or rosacea. It’s kind of like a jack of all trades.

It also smells quite delicious thanks to ingredients including grapefruit extract which minimises the appearance of pores and wrinkles, apple extract to smooth, rejuvenate and refine the skin, orange extract to condition and titanium oxide that soothes and offers mineral UV protection.

A few other bits of info about it – it’s water resistant for about 40 minutes, non-comedogenic (doesn’t block pores), sensitivity tested, clinically and dermatologist tested. It’s also vegan.

You can check out makeup artist Zoe Krahe using the product in this video and see for yourself just how good it is.

She says she wears it everyday and highly recommends it.

Let me know if you’ve used anything you think I should try. I’m always open to giving new things a go.

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